Monday, February 14, 2011

Now You Are One

This is the layout I finally finished of my granddaughter's first birthday. (She's now almost 3!)

I created this layout using just A Child's Year. The baby in the highchair is from pg. 28, cut at 5". I made the taller girl on the second page using the fairy and its shadow from pg. 77(shift), cut at 4"" (I cut the wings off)The cut was flipped to face the opposite way. The little girl is from pg. 64(shift) cut at 3". I used only the girl on the left. "Happy Birthday" was from the font on pg. 71. The balloons were made using the monogram(shift) feature cut at 3 1/2". Thanks for looking.


  1. A beautiful layout - thank you for sharing and an even bigger thanks for sharing the sizes - that's where I fall down being new to the cricut etc - your blog gives me lots of inspiration!

    Great work xo

  2. Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. I try to give as much info as possible so you can reproduce it if you like. Thans for leaving a comment!

  3. It's so cute!