Friday, February 11, 2011

U R Purrfect

This is my newest wobble card made for my granddaughter. I used Create a Critter for most of it.

I started with the cat shadow on pg. 38 of Create a Critter sized at 5". I welded the pillow shape, sized at 1 3/4" to the bottom. I rotated the image 45degrees, duplicated it, flipped it, then welded the two halves together for the card.

This screen shows three base cuts of the cat. Two were cut from tan for the front and back of the card base. The other was cut from black for the base of the cat head.

This layer is layer 1 and will be used for the wobble head. It was cut fron tan.The body is cut off and discarded. I cut the pillow from pink leopard print and the ruffle and nose (layer 2) from bright pink. The pillow was sized at 1 3/4".

I made this layer sized at 1 1/4". "Purrfect " and  "UR" were cut from tan. "Purr" and "UR" were cut from bright pink. The "U" and "R" were not cut from CAC. You can use any font you like for these.
These were layered and off set to show some of the color of the bottom layer.

I added small green wobble eyes to the face. I will add a ribbon bow to the cat. (I forgot to do it for the picture).

The wobble head was created by winding fine craft wire around a paintbrush handle about 10 times. One end was attached to the back of the head with a pop dot, and the other end was attached to the corresponding spot on the base of the card.  TFL!

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  1. I LOVE this card! Thanks for your detailed instructions. They are very helpful.

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